Bee Removal

Honeybees had been living in the walls of the house for over 10 years.  They were very comfy and settled in four unique colonies – 1 on either side of the exterior chimneys.  From the exterior you could see a weak spot in which the bees were coming and going.  The bees were most active when the sun was hitting that side of the house.

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The BIG leap of faith

Hello!  Dianna and Peter Osickey here [with tot Oliver].  The summer of 2016 we purchased the Wilder Home from a friend we met through one of my best buds and architecture school classmates.  He owned the home with his three brothers and had been renting it out while living in Nashville.  The home had fallen into a state of disrepair and the current renter was living in unsafe conditions.  Luckily the city had not condemned the house.  It is much harder to pull construction permits and get loans once a house is condemned.

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